In the north of Prague there is a district called Kobylisy and there the Nazis murdered over 500 Czechs at an existing shooting range. Most were murdered in June, 1942, in the wake of the assassination of Heydrich in late May 1942, but executions continued until May 7, 1945.

Current status: Preserved with monument (2010).

Location: 50°07'54.20"N 14°27'48.94"E

Get there: Metro to Kobylisy eller Ladvi stations.

My comment:

Although the site is centrally located and is surrounded by both apartment buildings and bypasses, it has managed to preserve a calm over the area. The place has features of communist grey architecture but is not spoiled by any lavish monuments. There is a memorial plaque with the name, age and date of the executed.

Follow up in books: Dougherty, Nancy: The Hangman and His Wife: The Life and Death of Reinhard Heydrich (2022).