In the north of Prague there is a neighborhood called Kobylisy where the nazis murdered over 500 Czechs at an existing shooting range. Most were murdered in June 1942 as a result of the attack on Heydrich in late May 1942, but executions continued until May 7, 1945.

Current status: Preserved with monument (2010).

Location: 50°07'54.20"N 14°27'48.94"E

Get there: Metro to Kobylisy eller Ladvi stations.

My comment:

Although the site is centrally located and is surrounded by both apartment buildings and bypasses, it has managed to preserve a calm over the area. The place has features of communist grey architecture but is not destroyed by any lavish monuments. There is a memorial plaque with the name, age and date when they were executed at the scene.

Follow up in books: Dougherty, Nancy: The Hangman and His Wife: The Life and Death of Reinhard Heydrich (2022).