HMS Belfast

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the British fleet was the most powerful fleet of all. It was the one that held the British empire together and the fleet consisted of several greats. One of them was HMS Belfast who had been involved in lowering the German battleship Scharnhorst at the North Cape outside the northernmost of northern Norway in December 1943. HMS Belfast also participated in the Korean War and other places around the world with British interests before becoming a floating museum on the Thames at Tower Bridge in central London in 1971.

Current status: Preserved with museum (2008).

Location: 51°30' 21.90" N 0°04' 53.28" W

Get there: Metro to London Bridge station.

My comment:

Due to its central location in London, HMS Belfast is as much a tourist attraction as a museum with soaring prices for souvenirs. Personally, I prefer museums like this when they are a little more remote, it gets a bit calmer then.

Follow up in books: Konstam, Angus: THE BATTLE OF NORTH CAPE: The Death Ride of the Scharnhorst, 1943 (2009).