Tallinn Metsakalmistu

In eastern Tallinn there is a forest cemetery called metsakalmistu, which means forest cemetery, where the nazis murdered about 800 jews in september 1944. One of the killings involved more than 500 Jews from the Lagedi camp just south of Tallinn. The second action involved about 300 French jews who arrived in May 1944 with convoy 73 to Patarei from the transit camp Drancy outside Paris.

Current status: Monument (2011).

Location: 59°28' 11.11" N 24°52' 16.85" E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The cemetery is large and therefore the monument and the mass grave is not easy to find, in addition, it is located among the forests and other tombs. The paths that bind the graves together spread in all possible directions and it is therefore not easy to know where you have been looking and not looking. The easiest way is to ask someone at the cemetery.

Follow up in books: Arad, Yitzhak: Holocaust in the Soviet union (2009).