About twenty kilometres south of Dieppe, the Germans began in 1943 to build a base for launching V1 rockets. The Base consisted of several bunkers for storage of rockets, assembly hall, fuel storage, workshop, command post, water reservoar etc. The main purpose of the base was to shell London and southern England with V1 rockets. The idea was that this would instill fear in the English population, which would eventually undermine morality and force the british to negotiate with the germans. Of this nothing came out and the V1 rockets impact on the war was more or less non-existent. The Base, like other similar bases, was discovered by the Allies and frequently bombed. No V1 rocket was ever launched from the base until it abandoned in June 1944.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished (2017).

Location: 49°46'29,84"N 1°02'37,48"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

Three ski tunnels (shape like a ski) are preserved, two of them are out on a field and one is in a grove and used as a storage/garage. Two more bunkers have been preserved. If you’re not in the neighborhood, there is really no reason to visit the site.

Follow up in books: Irons, Roy: Hitler´s Terror Weapons: The Price of Vengeance (2013).