Paris – Bassano

In March 1944, a Jewish labor camp was established in a building just outside central Paris. These were Jews taken from the Drancy transit camp in northern Paris. The duties consisted of sorting, registering, repairing and inventorying property stolen from the Jews in connection with round-ups of Jewish homes and shops. In addition to Bassano, two additional camps were set up in Paris with the same function, Levitan (july 1943) and Austerlitz (november 1943). All three camps were subordinate to Drancy’s organization. A total of about 800 Jews were sitting in these three camps each of about 165 deported to Eastern Europe. All three camps were linked to Einsatzstab Reichleiter Rosenberg (ERR), whose main task was to loot occupied countries.

Current status: Preserved (2016).

Address: 2 Rue de Bassano, 75116 Paris.

Get there: Metro to Lena Station.

My comment:

Unlike Levitan and Austerlitz, there is no memorial plaque at Bassano. Why I do not know.

Follow up in books: Weisberg, Richard H: Vichy Law and the Holocaust in France (1998).