Val Ygot

In a wooded area just outside Ardouval, about twenty kilometres south of Dieppe, the Germans began in the fall of 1943 to build a base for launching V1 rockets (flying bombs). This base was just one of hundreds established around northeastern France whose purpose was to shell London and southern England. The rockets accuracy was anything but good and the Germans could only hope the best. From Val Ygot, London was about 200 kilometers away. The base was built in all simplicity and consisted of several bunkers for, storage of bombs, assembly hall, workshop, fuel storage, command posts, etc. But like other similar bases, the Allies had received information about it and it was subjected to repeated bombings. The base could therefore never be used for its purpose and no rocket was ever fired. The Germans abandoned the base in 1944.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished with museum (2017).

Location: 49°43'53"N 1°16'32"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

A good and very well maintained secluded outdoor museum where the bunkers/ruins are bound together by paths. Simple information boards are located at each bunker/ruine. For those who want to visit a V1 base, this is probably the one to visit.

Follow up in books: Irons, Roy: Hitler´s Terror Weapons: The Price of Vengeance (2013).