Bad Tölz

In Bad Tölz, about thirty kilometres south of Munich, a Junker School for future officers in the Waffen-SS was established in 1937. In order to be admitted to school, the cadets had to meet certain racial and physical criteria. This is because the Waffen-SS was considered an elite within the elite. In addition to traditional military training in both field and classroom, the cadets also received ideological training. There were also Junker schools in Braunschweig, Klagenfurt and Prague, but Bad Tölz is the most known. After the war, the premises were taken over by the American army.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished (2018).

Address: Professor-Max-Lange-Platz 11, 836 46 Bad Tölz.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The barracks are still there, but now houses various shops and restaurants. In the middle of the courtyard lies now a smaller shopping center. The arch at the main entrance, that in a way symbolized the school, is gone. However, the two towers on each side still stands.

Follow up in books: Quarrie, Bruce: Hitler’s Samurai: The Waffen-SS in Action (1983).