Berlin – T4 HQ

On September 1, 1939, Hitler signed an order legitimizing the murder of German citizens who were carrying hereditary and congenital mental and physical disabilities. The head office of this authority was located on Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin and was led by Philipp Bouhler and Karl Brandt. The murders of the disabled took place in program called the T4, which is an abbreviation of the address of the head office. The actual killings of the ”sick” were carried out in six euthanasia centers around Germany, Brandenburg, Bernburg, Grafeneck, Hadamar, Hartheim and Sonnenstein. The official euthanasia was dismantled in August 1941 after protests from the population and catholic priests. Unofficially it continued until the end of the war in hospitals, concentration camps or the Nazis simply shot "sick" people in nearby woods and buried them on the spot.

Current status: Demolished with monument (2008).

Address: Tiergartenstrasse 4, 10785 Berlin.

Get there: Metro to Potsdamer Platz Station.

My comment:

The official euthanasia in Germany between September 1939 and August 1941 was not the only one. When Germany occupied Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe, a more arbitrary euthanasia was carried out that did not necessarily follow the criteria of official euthanasia. It also did not stop when the official euthanasia was terminated. The Bus monument that was on display during my visit is no longer there. I think it was a monument that toured Germany under a certain time of period.

Follow up in books: Friedlander, Henry: The Origins of Nazi Genocide – From euthanasia to the final solution (1995).