Corneliusstrasse 12

In November 1921, the NSDAP moved its headquarters from Sterneckerbrau, Munich, to Corneliusstrasse 12, Munich. They remained until July 1925 when they yet again moved to Schellingstrasse 50. It was during this time that the Nazi coup attempt took place (november 1923) and which subsequently resulted in Hitler being sentenced to five years in prison. During Hitler’s imprisonment, the Nazi party was led by the Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg. The choice of Rosenberg was well thought out by Hitler because he knew that Rosenberg had no power ambitions and lacked support in the rest of the party. Rosenberg therefore never became a challenger to Hitler as party leader.

Current status: Preserved (2010).

Address: Corneliusstrasse 12, 804 69 M√ľnchen.

Get there: Metro to Fraunhoferstrasse Station.

My comment:

The building has undergone major changes since it was the headquarters of the NSDAP.

Follow up in books: Kershaw, Ian: Hitler – A Biography (2008).