Franz-Joseph-Strasse 13

It was at this address in Munich that Hans and Sophie Scholl lived while studying at the University of Munich. Hans studied medicine and Sophie studied biology and philosophy.

Current status: Preserved with memorial tablet (2010).

Address: Franz-Joseph-Strasse 13, 80801 M√ľnchen.

Get there: Metro to Giselastrasse Station.

My comment:

In 2003, the German television company ZDF had a vote on which viewers considered the most significant German of all time. Sophie and Hans Scholl ended up in an honorable fourth place with names like Göthe, Beethoven, Bach and Willy Brandt behind them. For a nation strongly associated with Hitler, it is important to create a strong counterweight and this counterweight is spelled Scholl and especially Sophie.

Follow up in books: Wilson, Kip: White Rose (2019).