Garmisch is a cozy typical German alpine town with about 25,000 inhabitants. From a historical perspective, Garmisch is perhaps best known for the 1936 Olympics winter Olympics. The Winter olympiad was the fourth in the order and took place in February 1936. Hitler inaugurated the games in front of 50,000 spectators at the ski stadium and the games became a huge success for the Nazis. Although the Winter olympiad was a success, it is the summer olympiad in Berlin that year that became the really big triumph for the Nazis.

Current status: Preserved with information board (2008).

Address: Wildenauer Strasse 17, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

If the Olympic stadium in Berlin is strongly associated with Hitler and Nazism, the winter stadium is more associated with something completely different, namely ski jumping. Around every new year, the German-Austrian ski jump week is held in four locations and on the new year’s day it is held at the winter stadium in Garmisch.

Follow up in books: Large, David Clay: Nazi Games: The Olympics of 1936 (2007).