Karlshagen I

Just outside the rocket testing and production site in Peenemünde the germans established in June 1943 two labor camps, Karlshagen I and II. The first was located near the production plant and the second in the nearby town of Karlshagen. The first prisoners came from Buchenwald and the prisoners were used as slave workers in the production of rockets. The camps were subordinated to Ravensbruck and evacuated in early 1945.

Current status: Demolished with information boards (2013).

Location: 54° 09' 05.38" N 13° 48' 04.18" E.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

There are still some demolished bunkers and camp poles preserved in the area. Outside the camp area is the ramp where newly arrived prisoners arrived. Ruins of the guardhouse also remain. Since the nineties information boards has been put up.

Follow up in books: Kogon, Eugen: The Theory and Practice of Hell: The German Concentration Camps and the System Behind Them (2006).