München – Café Heck

Next to Odeonsplatz in central Munich lies Hofgarten with its many cafes and one of these were café Heck. This café was frequently visited by Hitler during the twenties and early thirties. Most of time accompanied by friends and sympathizers. At this time Hitler was not yet the celebrity he came to be but still a local celebrity who attracted an interest and curiosity among people in Munich. In this way, he was a public figure who gladly showed up if it served his purposes. When Hitler’s popularity rose in the early thirties and there was a stir wherever he showed up, it was due to security reasons no longer possible for him to to visit the cafe as before.

Current status: Preserved (2022).

Address: Odeonsplatz 6-7, 80539 München.

Get there: Metro to Odeonplatz Station.

My comment:

The cafe is till there and its present name is Schumann’s Bar. When it changed its name and owner, I don’t know.

Follow up in books: Kershaw, Ian: Hitler – A Biography (2008).