Osteria Bavaria

Hitler and the Nazi party emerged and established itself in the twenties Munich. Hitler was surrounded by local celebrities, socialites and other sympathizers who gladly stayed in his vicinity and who Hitler did not mind staying with. Not infrequently they dined at local restaurants and one of Hitler’s absolute favorite restaurants in Munich (and overall) was Osteria Bavaria in the district of Maxvorstadt. Here Hitler and his entourage had their regular tables. Anyone who wanted to get in touch with Hitler knew that Hitler was a frequent guest here. Unity Mitford was one who idolized Hitler and frequenlty stayed at Osteria to get in touch with him. And in 1935 Hitler noticed her and eventually invited her to his table. Mitford came from an English upper class family and became so enchanted by Hitler that she moved to Munich just to meet him. After Hitler came to power in 1933, the visits became less frequent because, in line with Hitler’s success, they demanded an ever-increasing security arrangement. But as late as 1940, Hitler made a tumultuous visit to the restaurant.

Current status: Preserved (2022).

Address: Schellingstrasse 62, 80799 M√ľnchen.

Get there: Metro to Universität Station.

My comment:

The restaurant is still there but is now called Osteria Italiana and is a popular Italian restaurant. The restaurant is well aware that it was Hitler’s favorite restaurant and gladly shows where he used to sit.

Follow up in books: Kershaw, Ian: Hitler – A Biography (2008).