Plötzensee was a prison in Berlin which the Nazis used to execute people who had been sentenced to death by the Nazi People’s Court. Several of those who had been sentenced for involvement in the assassination attempt on Hitler’s life, July 1944, were hanged in Plötzensee. There is a myth that Hitler ordered those sentenced to death for the bomb plot to be hung with piano wire (slow and painful death) and that the executions were filmed. But this is probably not true, the hangings was done the usual way (without piano wire) and they were probably not filmed either.

Current status: Preserved with museum (1998).

Address: Hüttigpfad 16, 13627 Berlin.

Get there: Metro to Beusselstrasse Station.

My comment:

Plötzensee is still a prison but the part of the prison where the executions took place is a memorial.

Follow up in books: Baigent, Michael & Leigh, Richard: Secret Germany: Stauffenberg and the True Story of Operation Valkyrie (2008).