Stadelheim Prison

Between 1933 and 1945, Stadelheim prison in Munich was used to imprison and execute opponents of Nazism. The most famous people executed in prison are siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl and other members of the White Rose (Weisse Rose). But even Nazis who had fallen out of favor with Hitler were murdered in prison, including former SA leader Ernst Roehm who was murdered on Hitler’s order July 2, 1934. Roehm had been imprisoned in connection with the Night of the long knives, June 30, 1934, when several leading SA members were murdered by the SS. Between June 24 and July 27, 1922, Hitler was also imprisoned.

Current status: Preserved with memorial (2010).

Address: Stadelheimer Strasse 12, 81549 M√ľnchen.

Get there: Metro to Mangfallplatz Station.

My comment:

The prison is still in use and if you want to visit the memorial room, you must register at the reception. The memorial/monument is located inside the walls and can only be visited in the company of a guard and it is forbidden to photograph. The monument is actually a small room to symbolize the execution room where Hans and Sophie Scholl were beheaded. The Scholl siblings and other members of the White Rose who were executed are buried in the nearby Perlacher Cemetery.

Follow up in books: Wilson, Kip: White Rose (2019).