Stuttgart – Nordbahnhof

It was from Nordbahnhof in Stuttgart the Nazis deported Stuttgart’s jews to eastern Europe. The first transport departed in December 1941 with destination Riga. The majority of that transport were murdered in Bikernieki and Rumbula forests. Other transports went to the Izbica ghetto and Auschwitz in Poland. The last transport departed in February 1945 with the destination Theresienstadt north of Prague.

Current status: Preserved with monument (2009).

Address: Innerer Nordbahnhof, 70191 Stuttgart.

Get there: Metro to Nordbahnhof Station.

My comment:

The memorial was inaugurated in 2006 and the tracks from which the deportations departed are preserved. Next to the tracks, there is a memorial of the deportations, names of the deported, and brief information about what deportation meant in reality. Nordbahnhof is overall a well balanced memorial.

Follow up in books: Gilbert, Martin: The Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War (1987).