Budapest Donau

In December 1944 and January 1945, about 20,000 Jews were murdered by members of Hungarian Arrow Cross Party by Danube river on the Pest side of the city. The reason why the Jews were shot by the river and not in any forest, which was otherwise often the case, may be due to the Soviet army’s immediate vicinity of the city.

Current status: Monument (2010).

Location: 47°30'14.08" N 19°02'41.30" E

My comment:

The monument consists of 60 pairs of life-size shoes that are spread out on the quay along the promenade between the parliament and the Chain bridge. The shoes are made of iron and are meant to symbolize the last moment when the victims took off their shoes before they were murdered.

Follow up in books: Levine Paul A: Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest: Myth, History and Holocaust (2010).