When Hungary freed itself from communism, the majority of communist statues were taken down and hidden away in large warehouses. 42 Of the statues that were taken down in Budapest have since 1993 been exhibited in an outdoor park called Szoborpark. Lenin, Marx, Engels and other communist profiles have been relegated to a park on the outskirts of Budapest. The statues are characterized by a strong communist message of socialist brotherhood and that the Soviet Union is everyone’s friend. In addition to the statues, communist songs are played and all sorts of communist souvenirs are sold.

Current status: Museum (2010).

Location: 47°25'34.81" N 18°59'56.20" E

Get there: Bus from central Budapest.

My comment:

It is really interesting to walk around in the park and look at all the statues that express fraternization between the socialist peoples in a struggle against the imperialist and capitalist west. The park is characterized by a nostalgia where the balance between the attraction value of communism and crime is lacking. The only two soviet monuments that were not taken down in Budapest are the monument of freedom at the citadel and the monument in the vicinity of the parliament in memory of the soviet soldiers who died in the battle of Budapest (Hungary).

Follow up in books: Kort, Michael: The Soviet Colossus: History And Aftermath (2006).