When Hungary freed itself from communism, the majority of communist statues were taken down and hidden away in large warehouses. 42 of the statues that were taken down in Budapest have since 1993 been exhibited in an outdoor park called Szoborpark. Communist celebrities as Lenin, Marx, Engels are on display. All statues are characterized by a strong communist message of socialist brotherhood and that the Soviet Union is everyone’s friend. 

Current status: Museum (2010).

Location: 47°25'34.81" N 18°59'56.20" E

Get there: Bus from central Budapest.

My comment:

The Park is characterized by a commercial nostalgia where the self-aggrandizement of communism is at the center. There is a small shop with all sorts of communist souvenirs. Nowhere in the park is there any information about the crimes committed in the name of communism. 

Follow up in books: Kort, Michael: The Soviet Colossus: History And Aftermath (2006).