Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is Israel’s official memorial to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. Roughly translated into English it means, "Museum of the martyrs and heroes of the Holocaust". The Museum consists mostly of monuments in honor of Holocaust victims and the monuments are spectacular but there are also authentic objects. Some of these are one of the White buses that transported Jewish prisoners from concentration camps to Sweden and Denmark, and a small boat used to evacuate Jews from Denmark to Sweden. A place in Yad Vashem is called the garden of the righteous and is established to honor none-jews who risked their lives to help and protect Jews in Nazi-occupied areas. The Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg is one of them. German business man Oskar Schindler is another. But along those famous and well-known people there are also totally unknown people who risked their life by hiding och aiding jews during the war.

Current status: Museum (2000).

Address: Har Hazikaron, P.O.B. 3477, Jerusalem 91034.

Get there: Bus from central Jerusalem.

My comment:

Yad Vashem is also a major education center about the Holocaust where several famous writers and historians work. Yad Vashem also has an extensive archive of documents and literature for those who want to do research on the Holocaust.

Follow up in books: Gilberg, Martin: Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War (1987).