Rome - Via Rasella

On 23 March 1944, an attack was carried out against the German SS police regiment Bozen on Via Rasella in central Rome. About 150 men marched forward when an explosive device detonated followed by a firefight between partisans and SS soldiers. The result of the attack was that about 25 soldiers were killed immediately and another seven were fatally wounded. The next day, the Germans carried out an act of revenge when 335 civilians were murdered in an old quarry (Fosse Ardeatine) in southern Rome.

Current status: Preserved (2018).

Address: Via del Boccaccio 3, 00187 Rom.

Get there: Metro to Piazza Barberini station.

My comment:

In the facade, it is still possible to see clear traces of the fighting that followed the attack. It sounds unclear why the facade has not been repaired, but you may see it as a form of monument. There is no memorial plaque or anything else and in the absence of this, perhaps the traces of the fighting itself can be seen as a monument.

Follow up in books: Katz, Robert: The Battle for Rome: The Germans, the Allies, the Partisans, and the Pope, september 1943–June 1944 (2004).