Lukiszki Prison

In Vilnius there is a prison called Lukiszki which between 1941 and 1944 was used as a collection camp for Jews who were to be murdered in Paneriai (see Paneriai). When the ghetto 2 in Vilnius began to be liquidated in October 1941, most of the Jews were sent to Paneriai where they were murdered. But the killing squads could not murder at the same rate as new jews arrived in Paneriai. Therefore, Lukiszki prison served as a collection camp for Jews before they could be deported to Paneriai and killed.

Current status: Preserved (2009).

Address: 6 Lukiskiu Skergatvis, 01108 Vilnius.

Get there: Walk from central Vilnius.

My comment:

Nazis using places like Lukiszki was common, in some cases it was just a waiting place before being killed, in other cases it was place before sent away to other ghettos or camps. They were simply requisitioned for a short time and returned to previous function as soon as the action was completed. Sometimes they were used twice if needed. It is rare that such places are noticed with any museum or monument because they were only a small part in the large context (ghettos, camps, execution sites). In 2009, the prison was still in use.

Follow up in books: Arad, Yitzhak: Holocaust in the Soviet union (2009).