Vilnius KGB HQ

In central Vilnius, the Soviet KGB had a headquarters and prison. The headquarters is located next to a park that under the Soviet occupation was called Lenin Square and was adorned with a magnificent statue of Lenin (the statue now stands in Grutas park). After the Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania in 1944, the square was used by the Soviet security service NKVD for public executions of Lithuanians. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the KGB destroyed all secret material, but otherwise left the building intact.

Current status: Preserved with museum (2006).

Address: Auku gatve 2a, 01113 Vilnius.

Get there: Bus or tram.

My comment:

Something that is interesting about the museum is that much of the original interior remains, which contributes to the authentic experience becoming even more present. The museum is modern and closer than this, you probably won’t come to the depiction of the KGB in place.

Follow up in books: Andrew, Christopher: The KGB (1990).