Bredtveit Prison

Bredtveit prison is located in northwestern Oslo, which in the autumn of 1941 became a prison for male political prisoners. The prison was subordinated to the Norwegian authorities and the guards were norwegians who belonged to the norwegian state police. The prison also served as a collection camp for Norwegian Jews who were to be deported to camps outside Norway, including. Germany and Poland. After the war, the prison became a regular prison.

Current status: Preserved (2023).

Address: Trondheimsveien 375, 0953 Oslo.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

In 2023 the prison is a high security prison for women. No commemoration about it’s past can be found at the site.

Follow up in books: Höhne, Heinz: The Order of the Death’s Head: The story of Hitler’s SS (1969).