Grovel Lake

In the northern part of the swedish county, Dalarna, lies lake Grovel (swedish Grövelsjön) whose northern part extends into the Norwegian side of the border. On June 2, 1940, a German Heinkel 111 had been on a mission up to Narvik. On the way back to its base at Vaernes airport outside Trondheim it was attacked by British fighter planes and got damaged. The damages was so severely that it couldn’t return to Vaernes but was forced to make an emergency landing on the Norwegian side of the lake. All crew members survived without injuries and were picked up a day later. The plane was not salvaged and remained on the crash site the entire war. Although looted after the war.

Current status: Demolished (2018).

Location: 62°09'09.94"N 12°15'32.65"E

Get there: Boat.

My comment:

Not much remains of the plane where it rests at the lake’s shore and is visible. As it is on private land it can only be reached from the lake. Anyone who wants to see the wreck can take a trip with the boat M/S Sylöra. Between June and September, Sylöra operates between lake Grövel on the Swedish side and Sylen on the Norwegian side. During the tour, the boat passes the wreck but unfortunately not as close as one had hoped.

Follow up in books: Greene, Jack, Massignani, Alessandro: Hitler Strikes North: The Nazi Invasion of Norway & Denmark, April 9, 1940 (2013).