Oslo Old Lodge

Just south of Oslo city center, lies the old lodge Concert hall. In this lodge the trial of Norwegian collaborator and minister president Vidkun Quisling was held between August 20 and September 10, 1945. Quisling, who has been the leader of the nationalist party Nasjonal Samling (National Gathering) since the mid-thirties, cooperated during the war with the German occupation and was charged mainly for treason and murder but also for theft of state property. He was defended by lawyer Henrik Berg who was initially skeptical about defending ”Norway’s most hated person”. Quisling was imprisoned in the pitcher tower at nearby Akershus Fortress during the trial. Quisling was sentenced to death on September 10, and although he thought the sentence was wrong, he never appealed against it. The sentence was carried out on the night of October 24, 1945, when he was shot at the pitcher tower at Akershus fortress. He was cremated and the urn with the ashes was kept with Oslo’s police master. In 1959, the urn was taken to Skien and Gjerpen’s cemetery where it was buried in Quisling’s family grave.

Current status: Preserved (2019).

Address: Grev Wedels Plass 2, 0151 Oslo.

Get there: Walk from central Oslo.

My comment:

To my knowledge, there is no information about either Quisling or the trial at the lodge. It is used in 2019 for various events, ranging from concerts to private events.

Follow up in books: Greene, Jack, Massignani, Alessandro: Hitler Strikes North: The Nazi Invasion of Norway & Denmark, April 9, 1940 (2013).