Czestochowa – Old Square

When the germans in September 1942 began deporting ghetto jews to Treblinka, the jews tried to escape or hide, some succeeded but most were deported. One who succeeded was Hersh Frajman who lived in a house by the square (current old square). He had built two hidden rooms in the basement where he managed to hide 27 family members from the Germans. Hersh spent most of his time trying to find food and other supplies for family members. After 23 days and during the time the great ghetto was emptied of Jews, Hersh managed to move all family members to the new little ghetto. This was a ghetto for the Jews that the germans needed for slave labor. Of the 27 family members Hersh helped, 23 survived the war. Hersh himself and his wife were murdered during a raid conducted by the Germans on 4-5 January 1943.

Current status: Preserved with memorial tablet (2023).

Location: 50°48' 42.67" N 19°07' 47.03" E

Get there: Walk from central Czestochowa.

My comment:

The house remains and on the facade there is a memorial tablet. The extent to which the basement and the hidden rooms remain is all the more uncertain. The basement has probably been restored while the hidden rooms are long gone.

Follow up in books: Gilberg, Martin: Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War (1987).