Goldap – OKL Robinson

In northeastern Poland about five kilometers from the border with Russia, there is a small town called Goldap. Until 1945, this was part of the state of East Prussia, but after the war it was divided between Russia and Poland. In 1940, Hermann Goering established his military headquarters at the Oberbefhelshaber der Luftwaffe-Haupquartier Rominten, under the name OKL Robinson. It was from here that the activities of Luftwaffe were governed most of the war. Robinson consisted of about ten bunkers and barracks and was located in a wooded area just east of Goldap and near Lake Goldaper. Barely a mile north of Robinson was Goering’s Reichsjagerhof so the location of Robinson was no coincidence. In addition, Hitler’s Wolfschanze was about eight miles west, which made it suitable for Goring to quickly move to the manager. When the Soviet Red Army approached Goldap in October 1944, Goring had Robinson destroyed.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished (2013).

Location: 54°19'56.40" N 22°19'18.06" E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The bunkers and ruins are scattered in the woods around a sanatorium and most of them are accessible. The place also seems to be visited regularly because it is trodden but what is a shame is that there is no information sign or signs that informs what function the bunkers and ruins had when it went. But anyway, it is interesting to with a map of the place find their way to the respective bunker and ruin. Whether the maps available on the Internet are reliable, I leave unsaid because they do not seem to correspond to what it really looks like in reality.

Follow up in books: Willi, Frischauer: Goering (1950).