About twenty kilometres west of Krakow lies a small town called Krzezowice. In the mid-nineteenth century, a palace in the city with influences from the Italian renaissance was built by a wealthy family called Potocki and was therefore called Potocki Palace. The palace was owned by the family until the second world war, when it was taken over by Governor-General Hans Frank, who made the palace his summer residence and that of his family. Frank had minor rebuilds done, but otherwise it remained intact.

Current status: Preserved (2019).

Location: 50°08'08.31"N 19°37'28.19"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The palace may not be in disrepair but at least a bit on the way. The park also leaves something to be desired. But many times history does best in a moderate decay where the historical remains. Better that than it is renovated and renovated where the historical is not recognizable and disappears in the new.

Follow up in books: O´Connor, Garry: The Butcher of Poland: Hitler’s Lawyer Hans Frank (2013).