About twenty kilometres west of Krakow lies a small town called Krzezowice. In mid-nineteenth century, a wealthy family had a palace built with influences from Italian renaissance.The palace was named Potocki Palace after the family’s name. The palace was in family’s hand until Second World War, when it was confiscated by Governor-General, Hans Frank. Frank and his family used the palace as a summer residence. Frank had minor rebuilds done, but otherwise kept it as it were.

Current status: Preserved (2019).

Location: 50°08'08.31"N 19°37'28.19"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

I don’t know who owns the palace but it looks quiet neglected and so does the park that surrounds the palace. The palace is closed but the park can be visited. I have no idea what the future plans are for the palace.

Follow up in books: O´Connor, Garry: The Butcher of Poland: Hitler’s Lawyer Hans Frank (2013).