Lublin Old Airfield

On the outskirts of Lublin is a district called Majdan Tatarski. Nearby is an old airfield and there lay SS-Bekleidungswerke. This was a camp that served as a sorting and storage place for clothes and other things stolen from the Jews murdered in one of Operation Reinhardt’s camps. About 2,000 women worked in former hangars to sort and disinfect belongings of the murdered Jews. The camp was liquidated after Erntefest (Harvest festival), November 3, 1943, when virtually all Jews in Lublin district was murdered on SS chief Heinrich Himmler’s order.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished (2009).

Address: Wronska 2, 20-327 Lublin.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The Jews deported to Lublin to be murdered in Majdanek’s gas chamber arrived at the old airfield. A side track had been built into the camp and after they had disembarked they had to walk to Majdanek, a few kilometers away. Of the track nothing remains and there is some uncertainty exactly where it laid. But the hangars remain where the murdered Jews’ property was sorted and storaged remians. The Hangars are now used for other industrial purposes. SS casino and administration also remain, as well as ruins of small industries where prisoners were forced to work. The whole area is a mixture of ruins and industries in disrepair.

Follow up in books: Marszalek, Józef: Majdanek – The Concentration camp in Lublin (1986).