About 18 kilometers from FHQ Wolfschanze in Mamerki (german Mauerwald), northern Poland, lay the headquarters of OKH (the German military command) Mauerwald. The site was established in 1940 and was operational until December 1944 when the site was evacuated due to the advancing Soviet Red Army. OKH then moved its operations to Zossen outside Berlin. Mauerwald consisted of about 250 bunkers, barracks and other buildings of varying sizes and it was here that the German general staff was accommodated. About 40 high generals and field marshals as well as about 1500 officers and soldiers served in Mauerwald, including Claus von Stauffenberg (it was he who tried to assassinate Hitler through a bombing in Wolfschanze July 1944). Mauerwald was constructed in a similar way as Wolfschanze with three safety zones, command bunkers, casinos etc. Hitler visited the Mauerwald three times. Unlike Wolfschanze, which was blown up, Mauerwald was left more or less intact. Only the smaller barracks and houses were destroyed.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished with museum (2011).

Location: 54°11'07.76"N 21°39'02.45"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

Mauerwald is just like Wolfschanze a large outdoor museum that is open until dusk. Thirty bunkers and barracks remain and can be visited. Some of the bunkers are located in dense forest but they are linked by paths and are easy to find. However, Mauerwald is not nearly as well-preserved and interesting as Wolfsschanze.

Follow up in books: Megargee, Geoffrey P: Inside Hitler´s high command (2002).