In connection with the Germans occupying Poland began a merciless and brutal hunt for educated polish citizens, which the germans considered to be a threat to German supremacy, such as journalists, teachers, police officers, officers, officers, priests etc. These were hunted up, arrested, imprisoned and eventually taken off to some wooded area where they were shot and buried. Such a prison was in a house on Nowa 9 in Puck, from there the prisoners were taken to Piasnica, about a mile west, where they were shot.

Current status: Preserved with memorial tablet (2016).

Address: Nowa 8, 84-100 Puck.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The house is now a private villa with one or more accommodations.

Follow up in books: Lukas, Richard C: Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation 1939-1944 (2008).