Sopot – Grand Hotel

In the days after Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939, Hitler traveled with his special train, America, to Poland to follow the war closer and to make easy and quick visits to the front. The train thus served as a headquarters during the Polish campaign. Between September 19 and 26, Hitler and his closest associates stayed at the luxurious Grand hotel in the resort town of Sopot north of Gdansk. From here he twice travelled to the front at Warsaw to follow the fighting closer, but still at a safe distance.

Current status: Preserved (2023).

Location: 54°26' 50.64" N 18°34' 05.95" E

Get there: Walk from central Sopot.

My comment:

The hotel managed without damage through the war only with minor damage. The hotel retained its status as a luxury hotel even during the communist era and several famous personalities have stayed at the hotel. However, over the years the hotel had to be modernised, but this only happened after the fall of communism. Nowadays the hotel is called Sofitel Grand Sopot but is still a luxurious hotel a stone’s throw from the Baltic Sea coast.

Follow up in books: Seidler, Franz W. & Zeigert, Dieter: Hitler’s secret headquarters (2004).