Szeroki Bór

About eighty kilometres east of Olsztyn is Szeroki Bor (german Breitenheide) which in the thirties was part of East Prussia. Between 1935 and 1937 the german Luftwaffe established a test facility in that area. The area consisted of several bunkers where some were tied together by tunnels. At the turn of the year 1940/41, ”Breitenheide” became a military headquarters for Luftwaffe and its chief Hermann Goering. For this purpose, Breitenheide was built out with several barracks. It was also built a wooden villa for Goering and a crossroads into the headquarters of Goering’s special train Asia. The headquarters were also surrounded by several security zones. Goering personally did not spend much time in Breitenheide but he gladly invited guests from other well-minded countries to Breitenheide. In August 1941, Hitler and Mussolini visited Breitenheide. The headquarters was abandoned in the autumn of 1944 without it being destroyed.

Current status: Preserved (2016).

Location: 53°39'30.24"N 21°42'08.18"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

After the war, the bunkers were taken over by the Polish military and the area is cordoned off and not accessible. To my knowledge, the bunkers are used to store ammunition. Only one bunker is outside the barriers and it is not easy to find. It is well hidden among the vegetation about a kilometer from the nearest community (Szeroki Bor Piski). There are no natural paths that lead to it and as a visitor you have to know where to look, which in itself can be part of the charm of searching for the story. Once you find it, you can go inside.

Follow up in books: Willi, Frischauer: Goering (1950).