Saint Petersburg - D2

In a part of Saint Petersburg called Primorskaya is the Soviet submarine Narodovolets D-2 on display. It’s a Decabrist class submarine and began construction in 1929 in Leningrad and put into service 1931. The class belonged to the first generation of Soviet submarines and wrestled with a number of technical problems. D-2 belonged to the Soviet Baltic navy and was one of six submarines manufactured in the class. During the Second World War, it sank four enemy ships.

Current status: Preserved with museum (2021).

Location: 59°55'58.9"N 30°13'59.4"E

Get there: Metro to Primorskaya station and from there bus.

My comment:

It is a two-part museum that consists of the submarine itself, and an exhibition adjacent to the submarine. Always been fascinated by how much manpower, technology and materials can fit in such a limited space as in a submarine. Although the exhibitions are in Russian, there are interesting objects and boards to view.

Follow up in books: Bagnasco, Erminio: Submarines of World War Two (2000).