A few kilometers south of Belgrade there is a small community called Jajinci. This was the largest single execution site in Serbia during the second world war. About 80,000 people were murdered, several of whom came from the nearby concentration camps of Banjica and Sajmiste in Belgrade. In addition to being used as a place of execution, between 7,500 –,8,000 Jewish women and children murdered by carbon monoxide poisoning were buried in a hermetically sealed truck from the Sajmiste concentration camp. In an attempt to remove the evidence of what happened in Jajinci, Standartenführer Paul Blobel arrived with his Sonderkommando 1005 in november 1943 to cremate the bodies.

Current status: Monument (2009).

Location: 44° 44 0' N, 20° 29 0' E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

Jajinci was not only Serbia’s largest execution site, it was also Europe’s single largest execution site (apart from extermination camps).

Follow up in books: Pavlowitch, Steven: Hitler’s New Disorder: The Second World War in Yugoslavia (2008).