Topovske supe

In a part of Belgrade called Autokomanda, the nazis set up in august 1941 a temporary collection camp for Serbian jews and gypsies in a former armory. The camp was dismantled in December of that year because the Nazis established more suitable places and moved the prisoners to other camps in Serbia, including Sajmiste on the outskirts of Belgrade. In the autumn of 1941, however, Jews were regularly picked up to be transported away to be murdered elsewhere, including in Jajinci.

Current status: Demolished with monument (2009).

Location: 44°47'16.27" N 20°28'07.01" E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

There are many old houses nearby, but to what extent some of these were part of the camp I do not know, but probably some.

Follow up in books: Pavlowitch, Steven: Hitler’s New Disorder: The Second World War in Yugoslavia (2008).