About ten kilometres west of Grums, Värmland, is a small old mill community called Borgvik, where in 1940 the construction of a defense channel began. Purpose of this defense was to constitute a third and last line of defense against a possible German attack from the west. The redoubt consisted of, among other things, tank obstacles, about 150 rifle nests, machine gun nests and two anti-tank nests.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished (2014).

Address: Gamla landsvägen 6, 664 95 Borgvik.

Get there: Car.

My comment:

There is a prepared forest trail of about a kilometer where you can walk along tank obstacles and rifle guns nests, but these are difficult to enter. However, there is at the mill, just over a kilometer from the path, an observation bunker and a machine gun bunker that can be entered. Private tours can also be arranged if Borgvik’s local association is contacted in advance.

Follow up in books: Gilmour, John: Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin - The Swedish Experience in the Second World War (2011).