About 4 – 5 kilometers northwest of Lekvattnet (Torsby municipality) and about five kilometers from the Norwegian border lies fortress (redoubt) 122 (also called The Cigarr). The redoubut was part of the Torsby position, which during the war years constituted a first line of defence against a possible German attack. Captain Sven G Ekman was commander of the redoubt and his border company was expected to defend it to the last man. In addition to bunkers, rifle nests and trenches, there were also tank obstacles, aka dragon teeth in the surroundings.

Current status: Partly preserved/demolished with monument (2015).

Location: 60°12'26.14"N 12°36'40.35"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The redoubt is not easy to find because the only sign available is a worn and unclear wooden sign next to a gravel lot that says, roughly translated, Mobilization Memory. From the gravel lot it is also not easy to know where to start, there is no information whatsoever about what to see and where it is. As a visitor, you simply have to walk into the forest and find your way. But on the hill above the gravel lot there are at least some trenches, foxholes and a bunker and on the other side of the road down by the lake there are tank obstacles. The monument that is dedicated to the border company is located next to the road just north of the gravel lot and along the E16 between Torsby and the redoubt there are tank obstacles everywhere in the surroundings, even in a lake.

Follow up in books: Gilmour, John: Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin - The Swedish Experience in the Second World War (2011).