About ten kilometres southwest of Ed, Dalsland County, lies Parsetjärns redoubt. Construction of redoubt began in spring 1940, when a possible German invasion from Norway could not be ruled out. It was expanded and completed in 1943. The redoubt was established along a country road that crosses the border into Norway. In the event of a German invasion, the road had probably been used by the germans and it was this redoubt mission to protect the road. The redoubt consisted of two fixed points, one south of Parsetjärn and one north. The northern redoubt is located on a mountain hill overlooking Parsetjärn and consisted of foxholes, mortar guns, anti-tank positions, tank obstacles, barbed wire and shelters. Part of the redoubt was built into the rock and where needed, the construction was supplemented with concrete.

Current status: Preserved with information board (2016).

Location: 58° 52' 44" N 11° 49' 45" E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The southern redoubt is gone, but the northern one remains. The redoubt is open 24/7 and it’s positions is bound together by small paths, making it easy to orient yourself on the site. Unfortunality the bunkers are closed. But since the redoubt is so well preserved, it gives a good insight into how an intended attack from the German side would be stopped, or at least delayed.

Follow up in books: Gilmour, John: Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin - The Swedish Experience in the Second World War (2011).