On October 22, 1941, just over a week after Odessa was occupied by German and Romanian forces, an explosive device exploded at the headquarters of the Romanian occupying power. The explosion killed 66 officers, including the military governor. Romania’s dictator Antonescu accused the Jews for the explosion and as in retaliation, 19,000 Jews were murdered in the port of Odessa. Another 20,000 were imprisoned, but next day they were transported to the small village of Dalnik just west of Odessa. There all 20,000 are killed, either by shooting or being burned to death in warehouses set on fire.

Current status: Monument (2009).

Location: 46°29'02.90"N 30°33'54.29"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The monument is located far out on a field surrounded by arable land and the road leading up to monument is in poor condition. There is no sign post from the main road informing about the monument and the area is subject to exploitation. Newly built houses spread out of the area and getting closer to the monument. Its probably just a matter of time before houses are built at the site where 20,000 people were killed and buried.

Follow up in books: Arad, Yitzhak: Holocaust in the Soviet union (2009).