Golden Rose Synagogue

The Golden Rose Synagogue in Lviv (german Lemberg) was built in 1582 and was the oldest synagogue in Ukraine. In august 1941, just over a month after the Germans occupied Lviv, the Germans vandalized and plundered the synagogue on everything of value and let it decay. In the summer of 1942, the local Nazis decided to blow up the synagogue. The explosion caused the roof to collapse and the only thing left was part of the north wall.

Current status: Demolished with memorial tablet (2009).

Location: 49°50'29.1"N 24°02'04.5"E

Get there: Walk from central Lviv.

My comment:

The synagogue and memorial tablet have on several occasions been vandalized with neo-Nazi graffiti. The ruins of the synagogue have since 1998 been on the UN World Heritage List .

Follow up in books: Arad, Yitzhak: Holocaust in the Soviet union (2009).