In a wooded area north of Kharkov called Piatykhatky, about 8000 Ukrainian nationalists and Polish officers are buried. The Polish officers had been imprisoned in Starobilsk before being executed in the NKVD prison in Kharkov and then buried in Piatykhatky. These Polish officers were part of the order approved by Stalin and the politburo in March 1940 to assassinate about 22,000 Polish officers, better known as the Katyn massacre.

Current status: Monument (2011).

Location: 50° 4' 50 N 36° 15' 45 E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

Like Bykivnia outside Kiev, Piatykhatky has not received any attention or recognition in the same way as the much more famous Katyn. Remnants of Polish citizens are still being found and the list of Polish citizens murdered in Piatykhatky is being supplemented. The memorial is very well maintained where it is located inside a small grove of woods next to a main road.

Follow up in books: Urban, Thomas: The Katyn Massacre 1940: History of a Crime (2022).