About thirty kilometres north of Vinnitsa and on the outskirts of the small village Hulivtsi, Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering set up a field headquarter. It was built in a forest next to a quarry and was thus named Steinbruch (german for quarry). It consisted of a main bunker and dozens of smaller barracks. Goering also had a sidetrack built from a nearby railway line directly into Steinbruch. The reason Goering had Steinbruch built was that he wanted to be close to Hitler when he was in his headquarters Wehrwolf, about twenty kilometres southwest of Steinbruch. Steinbruch was not in active use more than in about three months (August – October 1942) before Goering abandoned it. On September 6, 1942, Goering and SS chief Heinrich Himmler met for deliberations on Goering’s train Asia, which was parked at Steinbruch.

Current status: Demolished (2019).

Location: 49°29'58.98"N 28°35'56.25"E

Get there: Car.

My comment:

The blasted bunker is located about 200 meters into the forest and can despite its size be problematic to find. But it only contributes to the feeling of historical satisfaction which apperas once you find what you’re looking for. In addition to the bunker, there are also two large blown up concrete blocks about 75 – 100 meters from the bunker. Although the ruins create large wounds in the landscape, it is fascinating to see how the ruins gradually have been overtaken by the nature.

Follow up in books: Seidler, Franz W. & Zeigert, Dieter: Hitler’s secret headquarters (2004).